Hello everyone! This is my first article on WHI, even though i've been using WHI for a while, i've never gotten around to writing an article... so here one is! i hope you like it :)

This book, 'The One Memory of Flora Banks' is about a 17 year old girl who was in a car crash when she was 10 and lost the part of her brain that could make short term memories. She hasn't remembered anything for more than a few hours for seven years; and then one day she kisses a boy and remembers it! But the boy, Drake, has gone. He moved to a place in the Arctic called Svalbard.

I love this book because it tells the story of a girl who, even though she will have no memory of what she is doing, travels across the world to find the boy that made her remember.

Unfortunately for Flora, Drake is a horrible person. When she eventually does find him, he's already got another girlfriend. When Flora confronts him about the kiss, he uses the fact that she is mentally ill and says that she imagined it all. She imagined all of the loving emails that she received from him, all of the letters and notes.

Although, actually she didn't, Drake was just a dick (sorry if that's wrong but...) and freaked out, he didn't want to be dragged in and blamed for Flora's adventure. Once she finds out, she decides that she doesn't love Drake anymore (how is it just that easy?!) and goes home.

I'm sorry if it's a bland and boring ending... I'm still getting better at this :) Feel free to message me for any suggestions for improvements or something like that.

Goodnight everyone xxx