Hey, I'm bored so I'm gonna tell you who my favourite youtubers are at the moment because they are all f*cking great :)

Emma Chamberlain

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Shane Dawson

Mature image mood, Queen, and shane image

Hannah Meloche

Image by Mrs.Malfoy Image by Mrs.Malfoy

Zoe Sugg

zoella and zoe sugg image zoella, youtube, and zoe sugg image

Mark Ferris

asos, best friends, and friendship image zoella, zoe sugg, and mark ferris image

Ellie Thumann

ellie thuman image ellie thuman image

Summer McKeen

summer mckeen image summer mckeen, girls, and summer image

Avrey Ovard

avrey ovard image youtube and avrey ovard image

Hope you enjoyed this article dudes :)