i've made a similar article but with colors, you can find it here:

i decidded to do a similar article but with songs. you see, music represent a great part of my being, when i grow up, my music taste grow up with me, and it played a great role in helping me be who i am today.
so here are songs in my name:

name; farah

F lowers in your hair//the lumineers

love, heart, and quote image flowers, girl, and summer image lumineers, music, and the lumineers image album, folk, and indie image

A ll eyes//imagine dragons

forest, rain, and rainy days image jumper, soft, and all sizes image Lollapalooza, imagine dragons, and dan reynolds image Temporarily removed

R elease//imagine dragons

Temporarily removed free, song, and wrist image music and imagine dragons image imagine dragons, music, and smoke and mirrors image

A -punk//vampire weekend

Temporarily removed Ezra Koenig and vampire weekend image contra, grammy, and vampire weekend image Temporarily removed

H orchata//vampire weekend

feeling, quote, and sad image yum, cake, and cup image vampire weekend image Image removed