there once lived a creature,
girl, photography, and hair image water, blue, and girl image
as gorgeous as day and as deadly as night,
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with auburn hair and moonlight eyes. she was strength and power and beauty.
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strength as she swirled the diamond crushed sand, one hundred feet down, blowing spiralling crystal along the dark ocean floor.
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power as sirens and mer-creatures alike cowered in curled waves and behind standing rocks as she passed them.
fairy tale, ursula, and ariel image mermaid, ocean, and sea image
beauty as her secret persona and exotic features drew sailors out of their cabins and into the freezing waters, letting them drown in their own frostbite.
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her tail was a twisted spectacle of blue, green and turquoise, decorated and jewelled.
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her withstanding ability to gain control could have allowed her anything in all oceans, seas and land.
mermaid and ocean image mermaid, crown, and beach image
yet what she wanted, she could not have.
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her heart was concealed by a fate much darker than any of her own, personal wrong doings.
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she knew that and yet she still willed and wished and hoped. she wanted one thing above all.
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i decided to try something new, don't know if i like it yet