well, i don't know what to say so let's just get into it, i guess?
so day 3; what are your top 3 pet peeves?

1. morning breath

idk if it's considered a pet peeve or not but i hate morning breath, i hate when people talk to me just after they've woken up bc of their morning breaths. it's gross and annoys me

2. cutting off

i hate when i'm like talking to someone about something, be it important or not, and they cut me off and/or change the subject, like???????what the hell

3. refusing to listen

when i'm arguing with someone and they just refuse to listen to anyone but themselves, and if i end it bc they don't listen, they dare to say that i'm chickening out of the argument, like it's not even an argument if you're the only one who's gonna talk

4. making fun of different opinions i know this one is additional but i just had to say it, if someone has a different opinion, you don't have to make fun of theirs just bc it doesn't match yours or bc it's different than the trend. people are different, you have to accept it.

aaaaannnndddd that's it.
wow, well, that's a rant! anyways, imma see you tomorrow! stay positive!