•Teenager in Love- Madison Beer

couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed

•Walls Could Talk-Halsey

Temporarily removed Image removed

•Talk-Salvatore Ganacci

red, aesthetic, and exit image Temporarily removed

•Main Girl-Charlotte Cardin

charlotte, cool, and cardin image b&w, beautiful, and girl image


aesthetic, aesthetics, and background image flowers, rainbow, and aesthetic image


Image removed blue, dark, and night image

•Hiç Işık Yok-No.1

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

•Guys My Age-Hey Violet

cherry, lips, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and hand image

•Mad Hatter-Melanie Martinez

Temporarily removed crybaby, melanie martinez, and blue image

•The Big Bang-Rock Mafia (i think acoustic version better)

eyes eyebrows brows, beauty beautiful pretty, and girly girl lady image rose, red, and aesthetic image

take care yourself,xoxo
thanks for your hearts.