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1. sweet smell

it can be any scent, your perfum, your shampoo, your bodylotion, your pheromones, your deodorant, your fabric conditioner, ...
girls are always surrounded by nice smells and it's so pleasant to be close to you.

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2. shy gazes

that's like the cutest thing ever!
when you covertly glance at someone or watch your crush doing something (like breathing and simply existing...) but as soon as he notices it you look away and act like nothing happened.
especially cute when you get flushed cheeks ;)

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3. headphones on, world off.

when you're putting your headphones on you're kinda going to a different world, with music only you hear, lyrics only you understand and emotions only you feel.
no matter where you are, if in a crowded bus or on a walk with your dog,
when you're listening to your favourite music you can enter your very own universe that's between your ears and no one will ever know what you're thinking.

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4. divine bubblebaths

spa day is your happy day!
having some alone time and taking good care of yourself is very important, and a day of spoiling your body is the best way to do that.
again, everything smells delicious and afterwards your skin is so soft.
nothing looks more like relaxation than face masks and bubbly baths.

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5. lush hair

no matter what texture or lenght, a girl's hair is her best accessory.
it shines and sparkles in the sun like filaments of gold.
and i love the move of opening a ponytail and running your fingers through your hair.
i also love elaborate braided hairstyles, doll curls and every kind of coloration.
and every guy likes it when he get's the permit to touch a girl's hair and feels the soft silkiness with his own hands.

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6. kindness

there's a little angel in every girl.
not just from the looks but also in the way they treat other beings,
especially kids and puppies.
they always try their best to care for others and will listen and try to help when someone is sad.

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7. laughter

a girl's smile is precious, a girl's laugh is priceless.
happy girls radiate such a sunny energy, it's simply contagious.
and a group of girls that's giggling and joking around easily fills the whole room with happiness.

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8. tears

women are more emotional than men, they can cry because a movie character is going through struggles, they can cry because someone didn't text them back for a week and they can cry of happiness, because something is so beautiful that it touches their heart.

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9. glitter and colours

you can express your mood with what you wear,
orange for the happy days, black for the sadderdaze, purple when you're feeling magical and glitter when you're feeling fancy.
and you got make up, aka endless possibilities to accentuate your face and pop some colour on your lips and lids.

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10. you're fucking fabulous!

dance in the lights or chill at the beach, whatever you're doing, you got that graceful aura around you and you wear it like it's gucci, gurl.

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