hey all, so today I’m coming at you with another article, hope you guys enjoy this one, today’s article is a productive playlist – the tunes for studying a whole bunch of chillop…

mist by eevee
ricochet by haux
touch by haux
fade by knowmadic
night walk by nymano, saib
saudade by kupla
within by leavv
mr.toast by tusken., philanthrope
soul vibe by aso
west lake by saib
dromeda by philanthrope
sleepyface by birocratic
permafr0st by invention_
bravo by moose dawa
dreamer by aso
blonde thorn by hollow sol
novacane by michael lemont, shilog
gwen by instrumental by emune
ask for love by joey percoraro
i love being with you by Elijah who
colors – stripped by halsey
arrows by haux
heartbeat by haux
youth by haux
caves – kyson remix by haux, kyson
the breach by dustin Tebbutt
only by ry x
eden by plake
anemone by slenderbodies
running by abi ocia
3:00AM by finding hope
ETIGAFY by tom resenthal
you and me by shallou
pizza and video games by bonus points
at ease by philanthrope, monma
tony’s belated breakfast by briocratic
movie scene by j’san
blue orchard by flofilz
taipei rosebuds by mommy, snowglobe
canals by joakim karud
steady by fujitsu
nowhere else by kupla
damn fine coffee by mtbrd
breakfast by monma
eowyn by city girl
her by L’Idécis
rekindling by L’Idécis
iacuna by leavv

playlist link - https://open.spotify.com/user/ggrace106/playlist/5BOeCL6GJG94AJyPRw7d7k

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