"Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart."

Hi everyone! My name is Marianne and today I´m doing my second article in WHI. This article is going to be about Music. What I like, what I don´t like, etc. I think this will help you to know me better.

The first question is favorite band/musician of the moment
My favorite band right now is Maroon 5, it actually has been my favorite band since I was 12 and I have three favorite musicians, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

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2. One band you always come back to
I have a thing with Queen, I love every single song of them. They´re pretty cool.

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3. Favorite movie soundtrack
Right now I´m listening to the songs from "The greatest showman" but my favorite soundtrack ever is "High School Musical" cause I´m a big fan of the movies and the songs, and of course, Zac Efron.

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4. What is/are your favorite song(s) of all time?
I think for this I´m gonna go with "Feel" and "Angels" from Robbie Williams, I really love those songs. Also, there's this song that probably not everyone will know cause is in spanish but it´s called "Colgando en tus manos" from Carlos Baute, it´s a really good song and if you don't speak spanish I don't care, you have to listen to it. Make sure to put the subtitles so you can understand why I love it so much.

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5. Most embarrassing song on your Playlist
"Gold Digger" of Kannye West.

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6. Top 3 played songs on your Playlist
"Besos en guerra" of Morat (you should totally listen to this one), "Good day" of DNCE and Filthy from Justin Timberlake, also I like the video of this song, you should see it.

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7. Favorite concert you've attended
Sad Fact : I've never been on a concert but if I ever go to one it would be from Bruno Mars cause I like how he dance or from Harry Styles bc he has a really good voice (in my opinion).

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8. If you had to choose a song to listen to forever, what would it be?
This is a hard one but I think I will chose "Un dia de sol" from Los Claxons. That song makes me really happy.

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9. Favorite quote or song lyric

"Cause even if we change we'll always be the same".

The song is called "All night" and it's from the band R5, I discovered this song when I went to Disney.

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10. Which song would you karaoke to?
I would sing every song that is on my playlist.

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So, this is all for today. Hope you like it and if you want to read more tags make sure to heart it lots of times!

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