Hi!!! I've made this before but I have new questions and I really enjoy doing this. (Sorry if there is a repeted question). Let's start!

1) Cookies or cake?

oreo, food, and rainbow image Temporarily removed
Cookies :)

2) Cats or dogs?

dog, piano, and music image dog, cute, and puppy image
Dogs forever!

3) Hot chocolate or coffee?

chocolate, coffee, and hot ​chocolate image chocolate, food, and drink image
Hot Chocolate

4) Morning or evening?

bed, blond, and blonde image boy, bed, and sleep image

5) Day or night?

city, building, and paris image architecture, paris, and places image

6) Library or museum?

book, library, and reading image book, girl, and library image

7) Summer or winter?

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Summer (but I like winter too, what a difficult question haha)

8) Theatre or cinema?

love, couple, and car image film, life, and quotes image

9) Books or movies?

Image removed book, vintage, and coffee image

10) Tea or coffee?

Image removed tea, me, and quote image

11? Chocolate or vanilla?

chocolate, food, and delicious image chocolate, paris, and food image

12) Coca Cola or Pepsi?

beach, beverage, and can image body, coca cola, and girl image
Coca Cola (is that even a question?)

13) Rain or snow?

rain, city, and new york image rain, pain, and quotes image

14) Car or motorcycle?

car, Lamborghini, and black image car, travel, and view image

15) Boat or plane?

travel, sky, and clouds image iphone, travel, and sky image

16) T-shirts or sweaters?

Temporarily removed fashion, style, and outfit image

17) Flowers or trees?

flowers image flowers, rose, and pink image

18) Lions or bears?

lion, love, and animal image lion, animal, and rose gold image

19) Milk or juice?

drink, healthy, and pink image drink, pink, and smoothie image

20) Frozen yogurth or ice cream?

summer, fruit, and ice cream image girl, fashion, and makeup image
Ice cream

21) Roses or daisies?

flowers, pink, and rose image Temporarily removed

22) McDonald's or Burger King?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

23) Piercings or tattoos?

tattoo, rose, and vans image tattoo, positive, and ink image

24) Sandals or sneakers?

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25) Swim in a pool or in the sea?

Temporarily removed beach, summer, and surf image
In the sea

26) Tv Shows or movies?

supernatural, wallpaper, and impala image 5, season, and teen image
Tv Shows

27) Breakfast or dinner?

Temporarily removed bed, flowers, and morning image

28) Mountains or beach?

beach image beach, girl, and summer image

29) Pasta or pizza?

food, noodles, and delicious image food and pasta image