leave room in your gardens
for fairies to dance


Temporarily removed Image by alex ⛓🌪👾 sea, blue, and ocean image beautiful, girl, and idol image art, elegance, and fun image blue, waves, and water image theme, water, and aesthetic image gif and selena gomez image Temporarily removed water, girl, and dress image
a fierce water fairy

My Look

blue, theme, and navy blue image makeup, glitter, and eyes image beauty image makeup, eyes, and beauty image
capture the water in your look

My Style

dress, sea, and ocean image Temporarily removed dress, blue, and paolo sebastian image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
they saw when you see her, she looks like pure flowing water

My Wings

fairy, wings, and beautiful image Abusive image wing, aesthetic, and nature image wings, butterfly, and fairy image

My Home

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cottage, house, and lake image ocean, blue, and sea image
cottage on the water

Hoped you enjoyed me as a fairy! All the love xx Priscilla