Self confidence starts with you. You have to accept yourself. What I mean by accepting yourself is accepting all the imperfections you see. (ex: stretch marks, fat rolls, acne, being too skinny, dark spots, hair, etc.) You have to accept your imperfections to work with them. So go ahead, look at yourself in a mirror and say "I accept myself even with all my flaws, they don't make me any less human". Once you've accepted yourself then you can move on to the other steps of self confidence.

So now that you have accepted yourself you can start working with your imperfections or as I like to call them; Insecurities. If your insecurities really bother you can start doing things to make them go away, (in some cases not all) SO if you'd like lose weight, start with small goals such as losing 5 pounds, then once you lose 5 pounds your next goal could be losing 10 pounds and so on.... eating healthier also helps a lot as well as taking vitamins and drinking plenty of water. You could also make/change up a workout routine. If you can't seem lose weight then you should go to a doctor and talk to them about weight loss options.

If you'd like to gain weight you might want to look at increasing your calorie intake and do more strength work outs or you could go talk to your doctor about weight gain options as well.
If you're insecure about acne go to a dermatologist to see what they recommend or get really into your skincare and research products for your skin type and see what works and what doesn't, looking at products reviews and skin care routines really help.
If you're insecure about your hair then curl it, straighten it, get a perm, change your hair care, dye it, cut it, or even grow it out, you can even get braids, a completely new hair style could surprise you too. These are just some things people are insecure about it, if you'd like to ask questions about losing weight, hair, acne, teeth (having braces), being chubby, just message me :) if you want to ask about anything other than those things then message me as well I love giving advice and feed back :)

SOOOO HELLO. Now that we got our insecurities in check we need to work on attitude. Being positive towards yourself HELPS A LOT. Trust me sis. When you stop calling yourself ugly and other horrible names then you start thinking differently about yourself. AND YES I know it's hard. Almost everyone thinks they're ugly BUT you have to really look at yourself and find things you like. (it could be your eye color, eyebrows, lips, legs, etc) Find things that you like about yourself. I know that part is just as hard as not calling yourself names but you can do it! If you need to stand in front of a mirror for hours until you find something then so be it. The goal in this step is finding at least 5 things you like about yourself, and yes they have to be physical features. Once you've found 5 things then move on to the next AND final step.

OKAY, so now that we have some sort of base YOU HAVE TO DO TWO THINGS. You have to ignore all the people that a you feel like shit about yourself. JUST DELETE ALL THE TOXIC PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. You don't need that negativity boo, so just get rid of it. The second thing you need to do is take a selfie, mirror selfie, or have someone take a pic of you AND LOVE THAT/THOSE PIC(S) AND POST THEM. Once you post the pic(s) tag me in it on Instagram (@ak.abrams)so I could see it and like it and encourage you to post more! I love supporting the people that read and like my content and I love just boosting everyone's confidence. I hope you enjoyed my first article, I have many ideas for more and if you want me to write about anything on your mind just let me know either on here or my ig! I love you guys until next time xxoxo.