My Current Favs Yay
okay so i have recently been obssesed with many things whether its music or clothes and all these other things i thought i would share them :)

⋆ just a stranger (ft. steve lacy) - kali uchis

⋆ american boyfriend - kevin abstract

⋆ unfamiliar energy - sophie meiers

⋆ confidently lost - sabrina claudio

⋆ junky - brockhampton

⋆ sleep apena - beach fossils

★ Lady Bird

lady bird, Saoirse Ronan, and film image
movie about a troubled girl taken place in the 2000's

★ I, Tonya

badass, margot robbie, and pretty image
super duper good movie about tonya hardings side of the story !

★ The Simpsons

the simpsons, simpsons, and funny image
forever a fav, yet recently its really been interesting me !!

★ Everything Sucks

tyler, netflix, and mcquaid image
so upset it didnt get renewed :( yet it had such a strong impact and i loved the cast 10000% recomonded

★ American Boyband

bearface, joba, and kevin abstract image
brockhamptons show on vice really gives u a close view 2 their lives


★ layering
i have literally been layering anything i can get my hands on its beautiful and gives ur look an extra look 2 it trust me u shuld try it out

★ tucking things in
lol its a go 2 and a habit

★ necklaces
i have been obssessed with how necklaces look on me they definetly make my okay outfits 10000000 times better and not to mention cuter :))

★ belts
i only have 2 belts sigh but theyre super duper handy and trust me a must need hmu if u know and cute places that seel cute belts lol

anyways im done so hopefully u enjoyed loveeeeeee k byeeeeeeee <3 :) !!!