we just met about a week ago
but i really like you
it seems too soon but i cant help myself
it was just supposed to be a spring break fling
but im not good at things like that
so i got attached
i know you say we dont truly know each other
but i know how you make me feel
you make me feel happy
you make me feel like i dont have the stupid problems i do
when i was with you on that boat in the middle of the ocean
it felt like a whole different place
i wasnt thinking about the boy at home who doesnt like me
or the rumors about me at school
i was thinking about your hand on my thigh
or your arm around my waist
or your lips pressed against mine
i know that youre funny
you make me laugh all the time
i laughed when you ordered a "sprite with grenadine" instead of a "shirley temple" because that was too girly
i laughed when you were upset cause you just got a regular sprite since the bartender didnt hear you say "with grenadine"
i laughed when you told me random facts that most people dont know or even need to know
i know that you live too far away...
i hate that we're in different states
i mean its only one state so it could be further but i wish you were here
i wish you werent 7 hours and 44 minutes away
i wish there werent 532 miles separating us
but what i wish the most is that
i wish i knew if you liked me
i wish i knew that if you did live here or if i lived there that you would want to date me
or even with the distance you want to have something with me
because being friends with you is great
but i crave so much more from you
i want your touch... nothing sexual just your fingers laced with mine or your hand brushing across the top of my thigh
i want to be able to kiss you and let people know that youre mine
but you arent
but who knows what could happen
maybe we see each other again
maybe you do really like me
maybe things really will work out the way i want them to