— 01 : BBOOM BBOOM ; momoland

kpop, daisy, and gif image
asia, asian, and daisy image
My one and only love. From my head, bboom bboom, to my toes, bboom bboom

— 02 : WE YOUNG ; nct dream

Image removed summer, Aloha, and hotel image Image removed mark, nct_u, and nct image
The sound of your laughter is like fresh lemonade. The sun is shining and there’s a soft breeze, I’m so happy

— 03 : HEART ATTACK ; chuu

yves, loona, and gif image
gif, chuu, and loona image
Surely you’re my destiny, it shines fully in my heart. This must be what thrill feels like, darling

— 04 : THANKS ; seventeen

vernon, Seventeen, and thanks image
vernon, mingyu, and wonwoo image
Even all the waiting, the longing and all of our memories, thank you

— 05 : INTO THE NEW WORLD ; snsd

Temporarily removed
I leave behind this world’s unending sadness. In the many unknowable paths, I follow a dim light

— 06 : BRAND NEW DAYS ; btob

gif, minhyuk, and hyunsik image
gif and btob image
The scars increase with each battle we fight, but isn’t it beautiful that with these experiences, we learn to be even nicer

— 07 : WHAT IS LOVE ; twice

gif, momo, and once image
dance, girl, and twice image
I wanna know, they say you smile all day. I wanna know, they say the world becomes beautiful. I wanna know, what is love? Will this kind of love come to me too?

— 08 : POWER ; exo

Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed
We got that power power. Whenever you see me, whenever we feel each other’s hearts, power power, we become stronger

— 09 : DREAM GIRLS ; ioi

baking, kpop, and ioi image girl group, tennis, and dream girls image design, girl group, and kpop image girl group, dream girls, and kpop image
We are the dream girls. Chasing our dreams, dream girls. There’s enough time, don’t rush. Trust yourself, don’t give up

— 10 : CRAZY SEXY COOL ; astro

gif image
gif image
From now on, you’re my dream. You’re the dance I want to dance

— 11 : RIGHT ; unnies

Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed
I’m pretty today, right? I look pretty killer, right?... Hey, it’s been a while but I think I’m feeling it today

— 12 : WOOF WOOF ; shinee

Image removed Image removed Image removed key, SHINee, and woof image
My cute darling, let’s meet tomorrow. Everyone likes me, wants to put me in their pocket. How’re we doing babe, fighting over me

— 13 : STARRY NIGHT ; mamamoo

aesthetic, asian, and asian girl image
aesthetic, asian, and asian girl image
My hands were cold but now it’s already spring. Dreamy breezes blow here and there. Different from usual, I like this feeling, maybe tomorrow will be a different day

— 14 : SHE IS ; jonghyun

aesthetic, korean, and kpop image aesthetic, korean, and kpop image aesthetic, korean, and kpop image Jonghyun, k-pop, and SHINee image
Even the wind feels nice, I have a good feeling, from A to Z, about everything

— 15 : HAPPINESS ; red velvet

red velvet, joy, and happiness image wendy, red velvet, and kpop image seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image irene, red velvet, and kpop image
In the morning, I wake up and I tell my mom I love her. The happy feelings that follow me are so cute that I’m happy

— 16 : GO GO ; bangtan

gif, bts, and v image
Instead of worrying, just go

— 17 : SECRET GARDEN ; oh my girl

fish, gif, and kpop image
Something great and amazing is planted inside me, although you still can’t see anything, if you wait a little more, you’ll know, my secret garden

— 18 : HOT POTATO ; nflying

gif, kpop, and n.flying image
gif, kpop, and n.flying image
The lights shine brightly. Whenever I sing, they all fall for me. I’m a hot potato, a famous man, say my name

— 19 : LADY ; exid

gif, exid, and hani image
gif, exid, and hani image
Even if we can’t get back together like broken glass, I’ll try sticking us together

— 20 : MY FLOWER ; jbj

boy, jbj, and cute image
boy, jbj, and my flower image
I can’t control myself, I’m smiling over the phone. I’m clicking on the shutter of my eyes when I see you, your gallery is in my head