so here's a list of boy and girl names/middle names that i love. a lot of them are uncommon or inspired from film and tv.


  • bellamy- this is a unisex name but it sounds more feminine to me. a boy could pull it off too tho, ex: bellamy blake from the 100
  • wybie- i first saw this name in the movie coraline. the character was a boy but it would be really cute for a little girl
  • ophelia- a character in hamlet
  • freya- a character in the originals
  • andie- another unisex name that i think would be cute for a tomgirl
  • adeline- a cute vintage name featured in the movie the age of adaline
  • phoebe- phoebe buffay *mic drop*


  • alec- character from shadowhuters. a teeny-tiny spin on alex
  • theo- character from teen wolf, or the cute theodore from alvin and the chipmunks
  • dean- a bad boy character from supernatural
  • finn- finn wolfhard! (mike from stranger things)

middle names

  • grey (f/m) - inspired by meredith grey from grey's anatomy
  • atlas (f/m) -a cute unisex name i found online
  • sybilla (f) - sybil from the vampire diaries
  • siren/syren (f) - inspired by a song i really like, sirens by cher lloyd
  • marlowe (f) - cute lil marlowe
  • quenby (f) - a unique name i found online
  • vixen (f) - riverdale vixens!
  • castiel (m) - angel from supernatural
  • charlie (m) - a classic.
  • archie (m) - of course archie andrews

that's it! -vee