It is my first article and I am really excited to share my life with you guys.



sweatshirt image nike and shoes image Image by Angie fashion, adidas, and outfit image fashion, girl, and outfit image girl and yellow image
just put a hoodie on it


makeup, flowers, and peach image rose, flowers, and pink image peach and theme image sunset, bed, and bedroom image peach, peachy, and theme image lips, makeup, and pink image


delicious, food, and minimal image fruit, food, and healthy image pineapple, fruit, and summer image ketchup, potato, and tomato image fruit, food, and healthy image pink, flowers, and drink image
I am vegetarian btw


ballet, dance, and dancer image friends, travel, and bff image college, physics, and dedication image quotes, book, and happy image records and store image art, new york, and starry night image


solo, harrystyles, and tour image damn and kendrick lamar image lana and lana del rey image ️lorde, jeans, and hair image david bowie image aesthetic, love yourself, and album image
I am really into rap in the last week, so please recommend me something


books, contemporary, and aza image book image aesthetic, book, and classic image titanic, rose, and kate winslet image brunette, classy, and jackie image gal gadot and wonder woman image
movies: Titanic, Jackie and Wonder Woman (also: Pride and prejudice, The Green Mile and The Book Thief)


beautiful, boy, and girl image alba, netflix, and las chicas del cable image Image by uppereastsiders reign, frary, and adelaide kane image logan browning and dear white people image my mad fat diary image
Atypical, Las Chicas del cable, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Reign, Dear White People and My mad fat diary <3


quotes, feminism, and woman image book, quotes, and soul image cat, quotes, and cry image that 70s show, funny, and ashton kutcher image aesthetic, anime, and sweet image aesthetic, clothes, and quotes image


nasa, blue, and space image italia, liveontour, and milan image Image by Kenzie quotes, goddess, and grunge image ballet, ballerina, and dance image article, vintage, and car image
Work on NASA, Go to a 1D concert, Travel to Amsterdam, Be in THAT mood, visit a real palace and go with my besties to a movie night

That is it, thank you so much for reading. Hope to see you all doing it soon.