He was thrown at the wolves, his life sank under a cold ocean
Trapped under ice, he tries to break the cryonic life and the frozen emotions
His mind is as broken as the vows they broke
Dying inside a sea of spikes and blades, the young boy chokes
Everybody crushes him against the wall
He does not remember who he is after all
Why does he think of his grief?
His soul was shaken, they told him life is not worth to believe

The young child walks through heaven and hell without a fate
He brought love when they smashed him with hate
Soul crushed, heart broken, the young boy dies in the dark city
Alone, he dreams with a good life amidst the ones who have not pity

Screaming and crying at the sunset, the young child had to turn away
The hands of time blow him to the hell everyday
A lonely soul trying to find the sweet white among erased colors and fading sounds
He cannot fly, he is going down
With a pen in his blood hands, he writes his cursed tale, his dark story
Falling in an ethereal abysm, he found no glory
As the moon rises, the sky starts to go to another place
The lost youngster's heart was brave, now it is a cold iron grave

Dreaming inside many illusions, the young child dives into an unknown sea
Chains blinded him, what will happen when he becomes free?
He walks and wishes to fall in an eternal rest
The lonely child want to take his pain out of his brokenhearted chest