I'm not an American and not a rich person so i can just dream! and polyvore is not available anymore soo are you excited we heart it community? Let's begin!

The Top

accessories, body, and bralette image

For the top i'm thinking about a red bralette, couse it's pretty, stylish and easy to combine

The Buttom

banana, shorts, and jeans image

For the buttom i suppose this shorts will look cute


yellow, aesthetic, and blue image

all banana


vans, red, and shoes image

For the shoes i pick comfort and a touch of flowers


beautiful, diamonds, and fashion image accessories, blog, and details image accessories, bracelets, and golden image fashion, girl, and style image


red, makeup, and eye image red, lips, and aesthetic image makeup image lashes, cosmetics, and makeup image


Image by laraam787

I hope you enjoyed<3