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So i saw this amazing idea by : @_Light_Up_The_Dark_
And i just couldn't help it but to do it. #Potterheadforlife

My name in Harry Potter Character.
My name is Belle.

B: Bellatrix Lestrenge

Image removed harry potter, sirius black, and bellatrix lestrange image
Death eater, Sister of Narcissa and Andromeda (i adore her i don't even know why. I mean how can a full of love person who's extremely loyal be this evil. Imagine how amazing she'd be if she hasn't lost her mind)

E: Emmeline Vance

order of the phoenix image Temporarily removed
Memeber of the order of the pheonix

L: Luna Lovegood

evanna lynch, luna lovegood, and harry potter image albus dumbledore, order of the phoenix, and white image
Ravenclaw, Memeber of DA

L: Lucius Malfoy

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Death eater , Father of Draco Malfoy and Husband of Narcissa. ( does anyone else thinks that his character is somehow extremely attractive omg)

E: Ernie Macmillan

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Hufflepuff , Memeber of the DA (Althought we share the same house, Ernie's one of my least favourites)

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