hey guys! i'm sure a lot of you either are going to Coachella this year or next year, and although i've never been, i thought id compile a post of tips ive gotten from other people and some things i've learned myself!

❦ plan ahead! i'm sure this is an obvious tip, haha, but i think planning everything at least 2 weeks in advance is the best idea. for events, i like to plan my outfit, where and what i'm going to eat, and where i'm going to go. although you don't have to plan precisely, having a general schedule (eat at 2, hotel at 3, etc) helps to lift some of the stress off your shoulders!

❦ hydrate! i recommend getting a water bottle that's very secure - i have one where you flip open the cap and press a button to open the tab. be cautious about your drink and make sure to have it on you at all times.

❦ charge up! make sure you have a portable charger, but also make sure you charge yourself! keeping a granola bar or another light snack is a good idea, since you'll probably be moving around a lot and you want to keep yourself going through the day.

❦ cute but comfy is key! although you might be tempted to grab some cute heels or flats, make sure they're comfortable. i recommend sandals that have cushion or vans!

❦ have fun! don't stress too much - it's an experience you don't want to forget. take tons of pics, but live in the moment too. don't be afraid to talk to influencers or celebrities; most will be willing to take pictures with you!

that's all the tips i have for you guys! stay safe, and don't stress out ♠️