It's that feeling where you feel like you just cannot be loved by someone, it feels like, you are not important. And that's how I feel. Knowing I am good enough, I know I am not perfect but I know I'm a person worth loving.
* * *
Watching all these people at the coffee shops, jazz bars, holding hands, walking in the rain, living their love. And I am just sitting there at this old sick park bench watching them flirting, receiving and giving love.. I can feel the wind of the warm weather, I can hear kids playing around, the relaxing jazz instrumental songs coming out of the coffee shops, the smell of candy of the old man who sells it in the corner..
It's getting dark, it's this beautiful time of the day, just a little before the sun disappears... yet, I'm all alone.
I keep on thinking, is there even someone out there for me? To love me... just a little bit... I keep on wondering why am I brought into this mess? I was the one who got hurt. I still feel the pain traveling through my brain and ends up in the middle of my chest. He fucking broke me into pieces. I am sad. This ain't poetic... even if the rose petals that are falling at the moment in front of me look pretty.

~ ~ ~
I want to be loved. To the fullest. To look at him in the eyes, squeeze him in my arms, smile at him, be his little girl, I want him to love me, so I can love him harder. I want to have dinner with him, I want to go on long drives with him. To places I've never been before. I want to live. I live for fucking love and I am the one in the loneliness.

It's a big irony. Those who have so much love inside them, are the ones who cannot express it to someone else, and end up being alone.

This is a text I found in the middle of the park, under a bench, ripped into pieces, obviously a girl left it there. You just have to know that you are not alone. You aren't the only one experiencing loneliness. I am lonely, I want to be loved, and I'm hurt. But trust me if you are going through this, there will be the right time where the right person will walk into your life and will bring you the happiness and love you deserve. Remember, good things, take time. GREAT things, take a little longer.