"Take a risk or lose the chance."

Spring is here and here is list to make the best of it. Hope you enjoy!


  • hiking
  • fishing
  • canoe
nature, lake, and boat image travel, nature, and mountains image
  • bonfire
  • mini golfing
  • outdoor concert
concert, girl, and party image all time low and concert image
  • spring cleaning
  • movie marathon
  • gardening
aesthetic, beautiful, and faerie image plants, cactus, and flowers image
  • horseback riding
  • museum
  • bike riding
bike, girl, and summer image aesthetic, books, and theme image

Au Revoir

Thank you for reading. Before I end this article I want all of you to be cautious of how you dress when you go to an out door concert like Coachella. Please let it be culture appropriate. This to prevent from anyone getting offended. If you have any questions or suggestion, message me!