Celebrity crushes, there are so many...
Here are some of mine.

Dylan O'Brien

dylan o´brien image dylan o'brien and teen wolf image awesome, blue, and boy image 1, alpha, and anime image
He is such a cute guy. I love Maze Runner.

Douglas Booth

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First movie I saw him on screen was LOL. I fell in love from the first minute.

Colton Haynes

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OMG his jawline! He's so hot.

Austin Butler

austin butler, Hot, and boy image austin butler, boy, and Hot image new, 2018, and shoot image Image by foreverchanged
I am just in love with Austin. Just look at his face. I discovered him watching The Carrie Diaries.

Matthew Daddario

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He's so handsome!

Herman Tommeraas

herman, tommeraas, and skam image skam, herman tommeraas, and boy image skam and chris image skam, chris, and herman image
He played in a Norwegian series SKAM. Even though his role wasn't that big, I was excited about him.

Chace Crawford

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I looked Gossip Girl mostly because of him. Womanizer!

Nick Robinson

nick, robinson, and nickrobinson image nick robinson image Temporarily removed nick robinson image
He's a sweet guy. I discovered him watching The 5th wave.

Ian Somerhalder

ian somerhalder, tvd, and the vampire diaries image ian somerhalder, Hot, and boy image ian somerhalder, ian, and damon image ian somerhalder, Hot, and sexy image
I am obsessed with his blue eyes and his smile. I like him playing the bad boy in Vampire Diaries.

Dominic Sherwood

dominic sherwood, shadowhunters, and jace image jace wayland, dominic sherwood, and shadowhunters image Temporarily removed dominic sherwood, shadowhunters, and boy image
He is so special with his different eye colours. He is great shadowhunter.

Sam Claflin

sam claflin, finnick odair, and Hot image beard, black, and fashion image mockingjay, the hunger games, and sam claflin image celebrities, handsome, and sexy image
He played Finnick in the Hunger Games. I discovered him watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

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