i’ve been going through hard time after hard time lately. so, i wanted to share some ways i try to cheer myself up with as soon as possible. i also wanted to keep this list of activities on the inexpensive side. many of these things are free (most of these items you probably already have laying around the house). i added a few things that shouldn’t cost more than $5 USD.

if you are reading this and feel alone, isolated, anxious, or sad, you are not alone. i hope this cheer you up or at least inspires you to decided how to create a self-care routine of your own. you are strong. you are so brave for trying to be the best you.

1. use visuals

i am an extremely visual person. if you are too i highly recommend using vision board. you’re already here, so make a collection with:

beauty imagery
amazing quotes
places you really want to go
people you would love to have in your life ect.

use your creativity and imagination. when you are feeling down log on to WHI and look at the pictures.

i also recommend making a collage of your favorite pictures and putting it as your phone background or printing it out for your wall.

girl, nature, and rainbow image 35 mm, film photo, and town image quotes, love, and love yourself image friends, rainbow, and waterfall image
*here are some of my choices

2. music/ solo dance party

music soothes and heals the soul. if you are looking for songs to try to calm yourself down from an anxiety attack or trying to focus, i highly recommend the play list called "Deep Focus" on spotify. it’s all instrumental, but not classical. if you enjoy classical music. i also recommend that as well. the recommended songs have 60-80 beats per minute. this is how much a resting heart rate should be beating.

i also love to put on fun music and just “dance it out” (reference for all my grey’s anatomy fans!). my personal choice is 90/early 2000s.

some spotify playlists i adore are:

the britney body workout

2000s smash hits

90s smash hits

girl power anthems

*just copy and paste these playlists right into the search bar!

3. walk or (insert your favorite workout here)

i love to walk whether it’s super late at night in the mid of winter or in the early morning of summer.

you can search on youtube “1 (or however many miles you would like) mile walk”
go to a bike path/ or hiking trail
walk around the neighborhood

i also love to walk because i am not the biggest fan of the gym. it makes me feel like i must do a chore. walking frees me of that feeling when i don’t want to go and has excellent health benefits too!

however, if you want something a little bit more intense, try an exercise class. check your local community centers or dance studios. personally, i go to a zumba class held at the local mall once a week.

walking is not only great for the heart and body, but it does wonders for the mind. any type of exercise helps the brain release endorphins.

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4. talk

if you have a friend or a loved one or even an animal. talk it out. sometimes i even talk to myself in the shower. hearing your issues out loud can give you a different perspective. as always seek professional help if you need it even if you don’t feel like you need it give it a try! there is no shame in seeing a therapist, you’d be surprised how much positive growth occurs when you go to therapy.

5. smile & be kind

smiling is free. smiling at strangers can always brighten someone else’s day. i try to smile as i get ready for my day to put myself in a positive mood!

be nice to everyone even if they are not nice to you. it’s challenging, but they might soften up or pay your kindness forward. it’s takes less energy to be nice than it does to be miserable.

as harry styles likes to say, “treat people with kindness”


ellen always closes her show with, “be kind to one another”

most importantly, please, please, please be kind to yourself!

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6. watch a funny tv show/ movie/ favorite youtuber/ a disney movie

i am sure you have heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine”. i prefer light hearted silly comedy that takes your brain off real world issues.

tv shows i love:

unbreakable kimmy schmidt
gilmore girls

disney movies always bring me back to my childhood. i also love singing along to the movies. as some people say, “disney is the happiest place in the world”. even if you can’t be there in person, settle for a movie!

gif and friends image tv series, ellie kemper, and unbreakable kimmy schmidt image stars, quotes, and grunge image Temporarily removed

7. breathe! // meditate // be mindful

take deep belly breathes. *make sure your belly is being pushed in and out not your chest. this helps more oxygen get to your brain

search on youtube guided meditations. i like to start off small with adding 3 or 5 minutes to the search bar.

be mindful. use your five senses.

what can you see around you?
what do you hear around you?
what can you feel or what things can you touch?
what do you smell?
if there is food you can taste, what flavors does your taste buds pick up?

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8. aromatherapy

aromatherapy is such a broad term. you can use essential oils, bake your favorite sweet, light candles, spray perfume on yourself, use air freshener in your room, spray lavender on your pillow cases right before bed. if the weather allows it, just open your window and breathe in some fresh air!

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9. practice good bedroom hygiene

make sure your bedroom is clean.
make your bed every morning
change your sheets once a week
take naps!
make it a place where you don’t have electronics and can just be present
*or choose a different spot in your house. sometimes we need to walk away from social media. personally, it gives me extra anxiety and a little bit of depression because i am always comparing myself to other people’s- so called- perfect lives when my life feels awful.

Image by s a m wifi, live, and talk image

10. donate time or money to a great cause

helping people can help you feel better.
check your local animal shelter or nursing home to see if they are looking for volunteers.
if you don’t like that, skip a coffee and donate $5 to the charity of your choice.
if you put love out in the universe, it will come back to you!

11. drink a warm drink

coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever it is feel how it makes your insides feel all warm and cozy!

coffee, books, and tulips image Image removed

12. display flowers

if there are flowers in your garden, go pick some. if you don’t go to the farmers market or local floral shop and buy the cheapest flowers. in my local grocery market, they sell carnations for $0.50 each. flowers brighten up a room, smell good, and serve as a reminder of the beauty in this world!

book, green, and pink image flowers, rose, and white image happiness, pink, and flowers image flowers, rose, and pink image

13. hug an animal or a loved one or yourself

when i am upset/ anxious/ depressed the first thing i do is want my dog. petting and cuddling with animals is a great way to receive love and calm down.

if you don’t have an animal, go hug a human! human contact is important and needed.

if you don’t have a human or an animal, hug yourself. a tip my therapist taught me is to put one hand on my heart and the other on my belly. it still counts as human touch and can help monitor your breathing!

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14. create!

this is probably one of my favorite things to do. be creative! draw, paint, color, sing, cook, write, make a new collection or add on to one on WHI, whatever you love, go do it!

tell yourself you are good at it. if you can take time out of your day to criticize yourself, you can take time out to compliment yourself!

*here is my example: i am grateful for this opportunity and talent to write this article to share what i know and help someone!

i’ll be honest, a part of me is thinking no one will like it, but I keep saying that until my fear goes away. it will…it just takes some time, so don’t give up!

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15. write

i journal every day. i prefer to write pen to paper, but i also like to type.

write whatever you are feeling aka stream of consciousness/ automatic writing.
write a letter to your past self/ your future self/ a friend/ an enemy
search google for writing prompts
write a to do list
write a daily summary of your life!

whatever you choose to write about just let it out, release the things that no longer serve you!

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16. crystals

i am a huge crystal fan! i know it isn’t for everyone, but different crystals have different meanings. search if there are any local stores that sell crystals near you or go on etsy. they are beautiful and can help you with almost anything!

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17. pamper yourself

go take a shower or a bath or just wash your hair. feeling clean is one of the best feelings.
put lipstick on. i like red because- to me- it symbolizes power and strength!
get dressed. if i could i would live in leggings and pajamas, but some days i need to dress to the nines and it makes me feel like a boss babe!
use a face mask! while you’re waiting for it to work, give yourself a mani/ pedi. there are some nail polish brands at the drug store that are only $1!

pink, bath, and rose image lucy hale, pretty little liars, and pll image always, amor, and beautiful image Image by ENR!

remember, you have made it this far. you have gotten through rough times before and you will again. tell yourself how proud you are of your accomplishments even if the only thing you did was get out of bed. if you didn’t even do that, at least you are researching how to get better!

best of luck and thank you for reading!

with love & light

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