Hi guys! So something you must know about me is that I love series! Honestly I prefer series than movies. So I wanna do a list of my favourite series and share with you! Hope you enjoy!

I'm going to start with my favourite serie of all time. I think that everyone knows this serie or at least heard of it. Yes, I'm talking of Game Of Thrones.

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The visuals, the cast, the story... Everything is so unique and well thought about this whole world. I'm speechless. I think that everyone should give it a shot and watch. You not gonna regret!

Stranger Things with our Eleven and her Eggos. I thought that I wouldn't like this serie for two factors: the main characters are children and it's sci-fi. But I was wrong. I watched Stranger Things on my Christmas break and I totally loved it! I think that the children give a special touch and makes the serie so unique.

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How to get away with a murderer
I don't know what I can say about this one. HTGAWM is about a law professor with five of her students, becomes entwined in a murder plot. There are a lot of drama, mystery and love.

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This serie is so underrated! I don't understand how this serie isn't more famous, you know?
It's about two friends who witness a triple homicide. I can't say much! Ops! Eyewitness talks about a lot of important topics such as self love, acepting ourselfs, LGBT community, family and of course crime.

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La casa de Papel
This is the last serie that I seen and I love it so much. The end could be better in my opinion but over all it's a really good show where is a lot of drama, the constant need to know what's gonna happen. I think that everyone with Twitter/ Instagram already heard of this serie, I mean it's everywhere!

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