you're my secret,
my secret place i like to hide in.
and a secret i can't tell.
i mean, i could, but i shouldn't
if i don't want to throw away
the lavish web i created to keep an innocent façade.

i can keep a secret.
and so can you.
so good even, that i believe it myself sometimes.
that you don't love me.
it really seems like this in the daytime.
it's like you're changing into a different person at night,
into the man that loves me.
i don't recognize that part of you in the light.

the eyes need light to see,
the heart needs darkness to feel.
love image

this feeling.
it makes you forget all the trouble it brings in a split second.
flips the switch from logic to emotion.

Temporarily removed

once we touch we can't fight it.
like two strong magnets that you can't seperate once they contact.

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you're mine
and i'm yours,
from midnight to dawn.
for those hours everything is good,
but as soon as the bottles are empty,
as soon as the haze has dissolved,
when i open my blurry eyes and get blinded by the light,
it tastes like bad decisions and regret.

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and i'll be waiting the whole week for our next escape from life.
i want to go to my secret hiding place,
want to forget and ignore,
i want to feel,
to feel you.
and when we can't be together forever,
at least let us be together
from midnight to dawn.