Have you ever had the sensation of nostalgia, over a moment that is still happening? You can see it pass you by in a good way, but there is still this sensation of how you’ll never live this moment again. And that moment seems to be slow, but in hindsight, you barely remember going through it. It just passed you by in a flash.

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I really appreciate this moments. They are so precious in my memory. I have never being a photogenic person, so pictures is not how I remember these scarce moments. I remember them by attaching a song to them. I remember them by writing about it, what happened and what it felt like.

This is a note for myself. A reminder to seek this moments. Many people don’t know how to appreciate them. And so life might just pass them by without them even realizing it.

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It’s like everything is normal, and then I just stop, just stop in a random moment and see the big picture. This is my life. This is a moment I will never get back. And then this random, trivial situation that may be me, eating cereal is going to be eternalized in my mind. (great now I want cereal)

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People say to “live in the moment”. And that is good advice to some extent. But sometimes you just got to step away to really appreciate life.

-thoughts after a regular afternoon of hanging out with friends

This is supposed to be a somewhat cheerful and happy text but reading it, it still has sad undertones. Maybe that’s just me.