Heyy ! My name is Kelly and welcome back to my articles. Today I’ll be doing the ‘This or That’ tag.

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You can also play along whilst you read and choose which one you prefer out of the two options !

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❁ Europe or America ?

Both continents are both amazing however, I’ve been to more places in Europe than America and I live in Europe so I’ll probably have to say Europe.

❁ Coffee or Tea ?

I don’t drink coffee or Tea on a daily basis. I love Iced Tea so probably Tea ; but to be honest, probably water over any drink.

❁ Cats or Dogs ?

I am 100% a dog person. End of.
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❁ Books or Movies ?

I prefer reading books as most of the time, books that are converted into movies have way more detail. Also with a book it branches out my imagination however I’m a lover of movies too...

❁ Bath or Shower ?

Showers in my opinion are way more efficient and nicer than baths. Sure I love a good bath bomb but bathing in a tub of water doesn’t sound great. So I’m more of a shower person.

❁ Caramel or Chocolate?

I hate caramel ... sorry. So definitely chocolate.
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❁ Jeans or Skirt ?

If you know me, you know that I’m not a skirt type of girl. I’m also not very fond of jeans either as I live in leggings but in this case jeans - ripped jeans.

❁ High Heels or Sneakers ?

I love Nike, it’s the only sneaker/trainer brand I own. I don’t wear high heels unless it’s heeled boots etc. So definitely sneakers.

❁ Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl ?

I watched like two episodes of pll and never continued it and I’ve never watched gossip girl so neither. But if I had to choose then probably PLL.
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❁ Homesick or Adventurous ?

*Adventurous* but I’ll always have a homesick moment but after that I’ll recover.

❁ Ice cream or Sweets?

I prefer ice cream to sweets.

❁Banana or Coconut ?

I hate coconuts. So obviously bananas.
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❁ Pizza or Hamburger?

I absolutely love Pizza , especially margarita and Hawaiian. I also love hamburgers but pizza any day, every day.

❁ Strawberry or Apple ?

Strawberries! Especially in the summer when they’re in season.

❁ Denim or Leather ?

Denim , denim , denim! Although I love leather jackets and leather bags. I adore denim jackets and I basically live in them.
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I hope you like this article and this time i won't be tagging anymore as i'm not sure who's already done this tag and who hasn't. I'll be posting a new article tomorrow !

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