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21, the big (not really that great) 2-1

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Biggest fear:

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Current time:
18:18 (make a wish)

Drink I last had:
Coffee (my one and only)

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Easiest person to talk to:

Favorite song:
I have so many, but I really love Ed Sheeran’s “Give me love”

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"Give a little time to me or burn this out, we'll play hide and seek to turn this around"

Grossest memory:
Mm one night I was alone at my house and I got sick (viral thing) and I woke up like 7 times to throw up in less than 6 hours. Worst. Thing. Ever.


In love with:
Traveling (I wish I could do it more often)

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Jealous of:
People who can travel whenever they want to.

Killed someone:
I wish. (not really lol)

Longest relationship:
A year (the only one that counts)

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Middle name:

Number of siblings:
Two. One sister and one brother

One wish:
Make myself and my mom proud.

Person who I last called:
My dad

Questions I'm always asked:
Are you really that old?

Reason to smile:
My family and everything that surrounds me

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Song I last sang:
Us- James Bay (singing rn, don’t picture it)

Time I woke up:

Underwear color:

Vacation destination:

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Worst habit:
I’m sooooo lazy and always do everything on the last minute.

X- rays:
Knees. Always in pain :(

Your favorite food:
Potatoes in every single type and form. Eternal love. And also pasta. And sushi. I just really love food. My favorite food it’s food.

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Zodiac sign:

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Okay so that's all, hope you enjoyed it. You can check my other articles in my articles collection
Love, Isii