Hey guys, my name is Maybel Murray and I just wanted to take some time to explain
something that has been a huge part of my life since about two years ago. Mental
illness is a big epidemic in society right now, so many cases have been popping up. But what causes some mental illnesses? Well for starters depression and anxiety. They are two very common illnesses, they are caused either genetics, past trauma, etc... for me Borderline personality disorder affects me in big ways. I got diagnosed with it a year ago and have been taking medications and going to therapy since, however, it’s hard, and I mean very hard. I see things, I hear things and I have dramatic mood changes. Its scary but it makes me who I am. For those who struggle with mental illness it may be hard, we all don’t want a label to us, I mean I don’t. however, our flaws shape us into strong Men/Women. My sickness has helped others, not only myself. I spread my story around to encourage others to be bold and brave about their illness. It’s a struggle but it’s a journey of life.