You should do it too.

If I were an animal:

cat, animal, and black image kawaii, ulzzang, and cute image cat, animal, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and cute image
A cat

If I were an accesory:

girl, makeup, and beauty image pink, fashion, and aesthetic image gold, red, and jewelry image Image by jupiter_420

If I were a body part:

flower, korea, and spring image madness, alternative, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

If I were a color:

flowers, theme, and tulips image Image by Iona art, monet, and painting image moon, aesthetic, and alternative image

If I were a season:

cozy, tea, and window image house and auttumn image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

If I were a tattoo:

Mature image tattoo, alien, and book image Temporarily removed Image removed
Outer space

If I were a mythical creature:

art, beautiful, and painting image angel, aesthetic, and wallpaper image angel, aesthetic, and art image art, painting, and fairy image
An angel

If I were an element:

aesthetic, ocean, and blue image blue, summer, and ocean image theme, aesthetic, and water image Temporarily removed

If I were weather:

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image food, picnic, and vintage image cat, girl, and vintage image orange, aesthetic, and summer image

If I were food:

Temporarily removed american, avocado, and breakfast image Image removed food, healthy, and avocado image

If I were an instrument:

art, music, and piano image piano, theme, and aesthetic image Image by Tuba piano, music, and black and white image
A piano

If I were a subject:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, paint, and aesthetic image art, aesthetic, and painting image

If I were a clothing item:

crop, feminist, and festival image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, fashion, and yellow image
Lines T-shirts

If I were a fictional character:

movie and quotes image Image removed 10 things i hate about you, movie, and movies image Temporarily removed
Kat Stratford

If I were a drink:

coffee, milk, and drink image coffee, book, and drink image drink, latte, and yum image bread, breakfast, and coffee image
Coffee milk

If I were a song:

grunge, unloveable, and jacket image Temporarily removed the smiths, Lyrics, and unloveable image Temporarily removed
Unloveable — The Smiths

I'd enjoyed so much doing this, hope you like it