The ocean can calm itself
So can you
We are both
Mixed with air
- Unknown

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I lost my friends
Slowly, less and less people
Had the motivation or time
To hang out with me
I was so sad and lonely
I contributed to it
And suddenly I had no one left

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I lost my Polyvore
My favorite website and hobby
A few to many disappointments
And I lost myself

We gave up at the stars
For hope
Yet the truth is,
We're looking at light
That burned out years before
We look
Towards our false hope daily
And maybe that is why
We are lost among ourselves

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But all this pain
and hope
I can't seem to shake
Ruthless ambition
With a touch of kindness
I will fight for my happy ending
Even if I have to fight alone

My life has changed
But so have I

Growing up
Is not growing old
It is unbelieving all that you're told
Unbuying lies you've been sold
Breaking down the social mould
You must stray far from the fold
To let your mind be uncontrolled
Growing up, is growing bold
Do it quick before you're old!

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