What would we be without music?
Humans without feelings,
without being able to get excited about just listening to a song.
The power of music to transport us anywhere,
with the simple fact of hearing the first chords of a song.
I don't think I could live without music.
And I've often thought about what humanity would be like without it.
Honestly, we'd be nothing.
Empty people inside.

Music has that superpower to make us cry, laugh, feel nostalgic and even relive moments.
Our first kiss, our first party and the death of someone we love.

For me, music is something essential in my life.
Something I can't live with.
All my memories are accompanied by music,
and that's something few people can say.
From singing with my brother in the car,
the songs I dance to with my friends.
Even the saddest moments of my life I remember with songs.

I don't understand how some people don't like music.
Music is a wonderful thing that we should all enjoy.
Regardless of our age or gender.
Listening to a rock song at our best moment,
a jazz one to study,
or just the soundtrack of your favorite movie.

Music is the greatest pleasure in the world.
You just have to find your style.