Hello ,
My name is Lea and this is my first article. So for you to learn a lot about my persone I decided to do the "Get to know me" tag.
do not hesitate to visit my profile! this is totally inspired by @tsesarvna

A- Age ?

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I'm 14 years old

B- Brothers or Sisters ?

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I have a little brother, 13 years old. I annoy him a lot

C- Current Time?

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raining just a little bit and the sun is going down very soon

D- Drink You Last Had?

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A big cup of tea

E- Easiest Person to Talk to?

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I dont really know...

F- Favorite Food?

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Sushis , ramen and rice . i love asian food !

G- Gummy Bears or Worms?

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H- Hometown?

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Belgium , Brussels

I- In Love With...

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Fashion , travel , books , learning

J- Jealous Of...

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Elite models .. oups haha

K- Ketchup or Mustard?

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L- Last Time You Cried?

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a long time

M- Math or Music?

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music . I HATE math

N- Name?

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O- One Wish?

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to be able to realize my dreams

P- Person You Last Called/Texted?

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my mum

Q- Question You're Always Asked?

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I do not really know ... I always ask myself a lot of questions

R- Reason To Smile?

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My friends, my dogs and my family

S- Song You Last Heard?

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Tontario x Lucas Nord - Rewind

T- Time You Woke Up?

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today , 7 : 00

U- Undergarment Color?

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uhhhhh my underwear are like in the picture

V- Vacation Destination?

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I travel a lot so I would say that every place has its magic

W- Worst Habit?

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tearing out my nails and to touch my hair without stopping

X- X-Rays You've Had?

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Y- Your Favorite Color?

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I like all colors ! But I love the colors "Chanel"

Z- Zodiac Sign?

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I am Aquarius. Aquarius looks cold at first but is a real softie! He loves to learn and is known for his often chic, original and upscale wardrobes. Aquarius is someone who creates strong friendships but who remain very independent

if you read this article I thank you! I hope you like

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