The human form in its physical entirety is such a glorious and beautiful thing. All of us formed and developed our unique quirks. We're all made of stardust.

I've been teaching myself to love the gentle curves and crevices of my form as the mountains that kiss the sky. I'm learning to admire the silhouettes caused by my form in afternoon sun. I'm learning to capture the endless thoughts in my daydreaming mind and I'm learning to adore the crackling notes my voice can sing. I'm learning to appreciate my freckles, spots, dots, pimples, marks, scars, lines, wrinkles, creases, imperfections as tiny works of living breathing walking art.

Look at your body not in disgust and shame but with appreciation and love.

We are all precious individual unique works of art. Celebrate your imperfections. They're pretty little features that make you, you.

I love myself and I am worthy
You are worthy too .

You are beautiful
You are loved
You are art
You are human.