my favourite five seconds of summer songs

album, music, and spotify image
Youngblood (gotta plug lmao)
ai, Clifford, and irwin image
Want You Back (gotta plug as well)
blue, grunge, and indie image 5sos image
Catch Fire
Image removed 5sos, vapor, and lockscreen image
quotes, 5sos, and Lyrics image 5sos, quotes, and broken home image
Broken Home
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Image by anna lyric, tumblr, and 5 seconds of summer image
Long Way Home
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
quotes, grunge, and young image aesthetic, Lyrics, and text image
Never Be
5sos, close as strangers, and band image Temporarily removed
Close As Strangers
aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
Broken Pieces
in, lilac, and lost image Lyrics, 5 seconds of summer, and 5sos image
Lost In Reality

okay so I have many more but i'm hella lazy so thanks for reading guys! let me know you would like a part two x