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so this is literally my first article ever, i'm a big fan of the TV show SKAM & I wanted to try the SKAM tag so here i am, let's start!

⇢ favorite squad/group?

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so I really can't choose because I love literally all of them but I'd say the boys squad & the balloons squad. they're both so fun & cool and I really love them. of course I also love the girls squad because they're the original squad but i guess i just fell in love with the boys. the balloons squad is sooo funny, this is so sad that we didn't get the chance to know them better. and i think we deserved a season for magnus.

→ favorite character?

ℐonas noah vasquez ♚

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without hesitating i would first say jonas, definitely the best character ever and he's so underrated! he's loyal, humble & kind. he's the friend that everybody need and he made me realised how important is it to know who you are & not who people want you to be.. he's also so funny sometimes. i really love him.

eva kviig mohn ✰

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she's definitely the sweetest character of the show. she's so nice, kind & cute. I love her so much!

→ favorite couple?

eva & jonas

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don't know what to say but they're my favorite couple of all time. they have such a beautiful story behing their love and i think it's beautiful & they were literally meant for each other during all the show.

➳ the character you start by hating and then ended up loving?


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so I did hate her when she was judging eva in the first season, she literally made eva so sad & she was wrong. but she's very sensible and cute so we can't hate her til the end.

⇢ character that should've had a season?

magnus & vilde

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he totally deserved a season and after he talked about the fact that his mother his bipolar I just totally wanted to know more about him. he's such a sunshine and a season of him would be amazing!

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she's one of the most interesting character of the show, she's so mysterious and we didn't know much about her & her personal life until the season 4 and i'm so glad that during one episode we had the chance to know her a little more! she looks like she has a lot ot handle but she's so strong. i wanted since season 1 to know more about her even if I didn't like her that much but when she started sort out her food i felt so bad for her.

↠ worst couple?

every relationship that involves emma

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i have nothing against emma but she always find the wrong man & i feel bad for her sometimes.

➵ were you one of those people who wanted pchris to have a season?

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tbh, I don't really love pchris & i really think is overrated because he's so useless in the show we saw him like 5 times and then we forgot about his existence plus he literally messed up with jonas and YOU DON'T MESSED UP WITH JONAS! so no, i doesn't want pchris to get his season and he looks like a banal fuckboi. but he's hot tho

⇢ most beautiful friendship?

their is so many beautiful friendship that I can't choose only one but i'd every friendship that involves isak like isak & eva, isak & sana, isak & jonas.

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they're the purest & cutest.

⇢ phrase that you liked the most?

ok so for this one I really can't choose so I'm just gonna let this here.

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↠ the most stylish character?

isak, jonas & eva for sure!

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⇢ character you would like to have as a friend?

so I said it in the second question but Jonas all the way. he's the best friend you could ask for.

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and having the balloons squad & the boys squad as friends would also be fun.

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⇢ did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of norway?

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yes totally, i just felt in love with Oslo and Norway in general. such a beautiful city.

→ is skam a copy of skins?

absolutely not, I love both and I haven't seen one thing similar.

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what's the message of skam?

their is so many message in SKAM but i think the principal one is "alt er love" who means ''all is love''.

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TADAM! this tag is finish ツ