My full name?
- Monika Petrinjak
Where am I from?
- Croatia
Image removed ocean and water image
My age?
- I'm 21
Favourite food?
- Musaca
diet, eat, and food image food, recipe, and musaka image
Favourite sport?
- Tennis
green, girl, and tennis image balls, racket, and tennis image
Favourite colour?
- Blue
flowers, blue, and nature image baby blue, blue, and color image
Favourite music genre?
- Old rock (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s)
music, Pink Floyd, and vintage image aesthetic, red, and vintage image
Favourite subject in school?
- English
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Favourite actor?
- Timothée Chalamet & Leonardo DiCaprio
Image removed Image by TRINE BEREZKINA
Favourite actress?
- Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence and girl image Image by arzu
First celebrity crush?
- Leonardo DiCaprio & John Stamos
leonardo dicaprio, grunge, and boy image full house, uncle jesse, and john stamos image
Favourite movie?
- Call Me By Your Name
call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and armie hammer image call me by your name, books, and boy image
Favourite serie?
- How To Get Away With Murder
htgawm, alfred enoch, and jack falahee image how to get, htgawm, and away with murder image
One word that describe me?
- A dreamer
quotes, dreamer, and reality image dreamer, idiot, and quotes image

that's all..thank you for reading (:

Love, Moni
- xoxo