I love Jesus Christ with whole my heart.
Everytime He helps me out. And when I say everytime then I mean everytime. Even when I did something very stupid, He helps me. I've done a lot of bad things. I don't mean that I have killed someone but you know. My examples for you guys are that I didn't told my parents about stuff that they should know. With stuff I mean serious stuff, I don't mean that I stold a cookie when my parents weren't looking. I didn't told it, but they found out. I prayed and He helped me. Another example, last year my grades weren't that good. Let's just say they we're bad. I prayed and guess what? God gave me the power to graduated. Everytime God helped me. Even when I didn't deserved it. Sometimes I think, I make bad desicions God will probably stop loving me. But He don't. He will always love us. We are his children. He died for us. For us. That's the reason why I love God, why I go every sunday to the Church, why I pray everyday, why I believe in God. He will help you every second, every minute and every hour of your life. Just pray and trust God.
I will never ever stop loving Jesus Christ.