Okay, who hasn't read Hush Hush? It's like the initiation for any teen girl that wants to start reading, it has your typical love triangle and the boy that any girl ever dreams to have as a boyfriend the one and only Patch Cipriano, your next door bad boy but deep down adorable guy.
I've been waiting the adaptation for years now but I guess sometimes it's better that it just stays as a book.
It's a tetralogy conformed by Hush, Hush, Crescendo, Silence, and Finale.
Gotta admit that my favorite was Finale, for me it was good end for the book. So guys if you haven't read it, you have to do it now.

The cover page its one quote of the book;)
Nora: "You dress to impress"
Patch: "No, Angel. I undress to impress."