Sometimes you'll meet the prettiest person but sadly they're full of insecurities...

It's normal that a lot of people, girls, boys or even men aren't satisfied with themselves,. thats something natrual.. we all have the same issues when it comes to compliments about the things we hate on us..

but even the strongest, powerful person, the one you thought is going through life with confident, are usually the small ones...

I'm not talking about all of us but a big amount of people are affected..

But tbh a lot of us are too judgmental..
for example, you see a pretty woman on the street, she's walking in heels, skinny jeans, nice shirt and a beautiful jacket, with her Designer bag, hairs and makeup on fleek.. and all or the most people around are staring at her.. of course.... because she's the type of Woman who gets the most attention because of her appearance..

and all you thing is '' Damn, she must be confident huh?'' no sweetheart, she's not...

she's the most sensetive person you'd ever meet, she would cry over everything, she cares about what others think,.. she want's everyone to be pleased..
everyone comes first and she second..

and this poor woman gets judged by some stupid girls,,
''Who she think she is, walking in those heels like beyonce'' or '' look at her hair extentions'' (even if she's not wearing some)
'' Omg she's full of makeup''

Yall need to stop this shit..
Why being disrespectful if you know nothing about someone?
why judge someone by its cover when you know zero about the inside?

Is it cool? are you satisfied now? after you made someone feel like shit?

I wanted to talk about this, because everytime when I walk in the city or in a shop.. I can see the looks, I see others talking, I feel it..
my heart starts to beat like i was running a marathon when I get those looks..

and damn if those people would knew how much I care about this shit.. how long i keep thinking about it after..

I always keep saying ''Don't let them bring you down'' ''Youre beautiful just the way you are''..

it doesn't matter, beause if you are unsure about something, if you don't like a certain thing on you (it's not just depended on the look, it may be something different)
it will take forever to accept it..

for example you don't like your lips (just an example)
you will think everyone is staring at your lips, bec u hate them..

but for others they're beautiful...just bec you aren't satisfied with them.. you have scenarios in your head like crazy..

Girls should push each other more instead of bringing each other down..

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