1. Youngblood By 5 Seconds Of Summer

Yes i am a fan girl, 5sos are my weak point with these kinds of artists,don't worry this is the only fangirl moment of this 'article.' My favourite Aussie artists.x

2. Figures / Anything By Jessie Reyez

I love this Artist, i love her voice and i love her soul/R&B genre and she is pretty unknown apart from Figures, which is probably her most well know song but if you liked figures, ventrure forth into the world of Jessie Reyez.x

3.Womanizer by Glee / Britiny Spears

Yea we're bringing this back, recetly i found the glee cover and fell in love with this sone again, i remember playing on the Wii just dance, i would al ways win in this game.x

4. Trust Fund Baby By Why Don't We

I found this song while trawling the internet for new music, i just think it's super cute, it. definatly made my day.x

5. Here By Alessia Cara

Being a rather socially awkward myself i can relate with this song, i found her through her other song called, Scars To Your Beautiful, which is amazing. And she's also really pretty.x

6. Love On The Brain By Rhianna

Fun Fact i was born on Rhianna's 14th birthday so yay. But really this song is beautiful, i actually found this song when i was watching Galen Hooks dance to it, on Tim Milgram's Youtube channel. And i fell in love. Also if you love seeing amazing dances linked up with amzing songs, check out believer (Choreograpy done by Janelle Ginestra) and River (Choreography done by Galen Hooks)

7. Boys Like You By Anna Clendering

I love this song, much like everyone of these songs. but i love the innocence of this song its just so cute. Also she's supper pretty and has a good voice.x

8.Then By Anne-Marie

I really like this, and this is one of those things when its, not always clear why you like it so much but you do and it just makes you happy inside.x

9. Superman By Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks wasn't appriciated as an artist when he released his music, i don't believe he is still singing or if her is he's not relaseing any new music anymore but i did fall in love with this song, in fact it's the first song of my 282 song playlist.x

10. Skeletons By James Arthur / Anything With James Arthur Vocals

I love and appriciate James Arthur, i loved him on the voice and i love his vocals. Honestly just a great singer, also they eye.x

xx Lily