If you follow me you’ve probably read my last article about depression, a girl contacted me telling me about how hard it was for her to love herself and she suggested me to do an article about this so here it is💕 Girl if you’re reading this just know that you are beautiful, strong and fierce, I hope you’re okay🙌🏻

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Honestly im still learning how to do this but I’ll give you some advice which really helped me:

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•Accept compliments, even if you don’t see yourself in that way just say thanks and smile.
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•Don’t be so hard on yourself, we all have flaws and lots of defects but don’t let any of those define you.
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•Find something in yourself that you like about you, this could be either physical or of personality.
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•compliment others, yes.. this may sound like an odd advice but it works because as you look for good things in others you’ll find them on yourself.
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•Use clothes and underwear you like and are comftable on, they’ll give you more confidence to be around yourself.
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•Learn from your mistakes, we all mess up sometimes, it’s completely human to have failures but that´s not a reason to hate ourselves.
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•Stop comparing yourself to others, everyone is unique in their own and especial way.
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This is everything for now and remember if you need someone to talk to, i’m here, I can give you advice on anything you need.