hey guys, so since my previous article about where to eat in London got a lot of love, I'm doing a part 2.

my 1st article:

▷ soho grind

this place seriously has the best breakfast as well as an amazing lunch- definitely one of my favourite coffee spots in London

cafe, coffee, and london image coffee, cream, and drink image

▷ the hampstead creperie

ok, so it's basically a tiny stall but they sell the best crepes ever- I go to the hampstead creperie all of the time because I live so close. even though it's not always open the time, it's 100% worth a visit

▷ engawa

one of my favourite foods is sushi, so when I found out how good (and photogenic, bring your camera) the food is here, I just had to go. the sushi is presented in these bento boxes and they're just beautiful

food, sushi, and yummy image

▷ naked dough

naked dough is possibly one of the most unhealthy places you could go to eat because they literally give you cookie dough with marshmallows and chocolate chips but its sooo good!

cookie, new york, and dough image cookie, food, and yum image

thanks for reading guys x