It's too late now that I've realized it. I was already attach to you without even knowing it.
No matter how hard I tried to push you away, you kept on coming back..
I told you I had a horrible past but you were okay with it and told me, "it's okay that you're broken because I'm broken too."
We haven't spoke in already two day and I miss your attention. It's difficult for me to even say it out loud that I am so attach to you.
All I can think about is your present and the way you looked at me, I just want you to be all about me and only me... but how is that so? If I can barely even trust you.
I just known you for already two months and it feels like I knew you my whole life.
I want to tell you anything and everything.. about my day or how much I miss you..
how's that even possible... I can barely even give you a chance of a doubt that you won't hurt me.
All I want is to be with you and already I'm thinking the worse of what could happen.
You told me that you won't hurt me and just to see where this can go but I'm so scared to even give you a chance because of how attach I am with you.
You can easily up and leave and never talk to me again and right then and there.
I'll be in pain because of how foolish I was to even give you a chance.
May be if I wasn't much of an overthinker, things could be different.. but I highly doubt that.
With my kind of past how can someone love or even like a broken person, like me?

xoxo peepeeb