Hey guys, I am sorry again. I haven't been uploading much lately, but I will start again on Monday.
So, this article is going to be about my goals on We Heart It, the stunning community we have here.

Number 1 - Heartist

  • Okay, that was kind of expected, but it's been my dream for a while and I decided to activate and make it come true! I don't know for when do I set this up to, maybe I want to finish this goal by the end of the 2019.
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Spread positivity

  • Okay I might do that right now as well, but I want to continue! I will do my best guys, I promise!
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Recognized writer

  • I love writing. It makes me feel like I am creating something... doing something for a change, so I really want to be recognized for it here on WHI. I will try my best to upload every Saturday (Maybe even Friday and Saturday, I will see).
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Reach at least 2k

  • That is the goal I have set up for me that I want to reach before 2019. I know it's possible because I gained many followers and right now I want to say THANK YOU ALL FOR HEARTING ME!!!

The end

That is all I have for now, but I promise, I have few ideas so I might upload frequently.
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