Hey everyone!

So...In this article I will talk about important topic. Anxiety and how friends can or can not help you with that.

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I mean it's great if you have friends or person who can help you with that, but what if you don't have that person?

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I thought I had that person, but I guess no.
So, I had "anxiety attack" on school morning and I was texting with my best friend who said that she won't be that day, but I really needed her. And she just texted sorry and went offline. And I felt so bad and cried multiple times that day because I was so stressed out and I couldn't believe that she just went offline and didn't help me calm down. People who have anxiety, they know that it is really hard to calm yourself down and get yourself together. And she didn't text me anything, she didn't text me at the end of the day to ask me if I'm okay or anything like that. And that was just heartbreaking, because it leads me to thoughts like: Am I really important to her or does she really care about me?
I haven't told her my thoughts and I really don't know if I should. What do you think?
It's really hard for me to talk about this topic...Don't be scared to text me about your situations, anxiety and other things, maybe I can help. And I would appreciate if you would recommend me what to do in this situation.