I have seen too many people doing this "tag" and I've found it quite interesting and a good way to intruce myself a little bit. So here we go.

Europe or America?

travel, flowers, and colors image city and travel image italy and rome image aesthetic, architecture, and beautiful image
Europe is not only where I live, but a mixture of cultures. It has beautiful beaches but also incredible forests and mountains, very urban cities but full of art in every corner. It literally offers everything.

Coffee or Tea?

coffee, study, and school image coffee, espresso, and latte image
I like both, but I could not live without coffee.

Cats or Dogs?

Temporarily removed cat, animal, and black image
I love dogs but I am definitely a cat person.

Books or Movies?

autumn, books, and brown image love, couple, and movie image
I need both to have a complete life.

Bath or Shower?

shower, bathroom, and house image nature, shower, and summer image
I love to take bath occasionally, but showers are the best.

Caramel or Chocolate?

chocolate, food, and sweet image Temporarily removed
Chocolate always ❤️

High heels or Sneakers?

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High heels events, sneakers everyday.

Pizza or Hamburger?

pizza, food, and yummy image Image by rosy rose
Pizza is my favourite food so... 😍

Denim or Leather?

Image by Mahya Chaaker fashion, flowers, and jeans image
Denim, classic and suitable.

Winter or Summer?

beach, summer, and blue image sea, travel, and summer image
Warm weather, no classes, long days, parties, sunbathe... Can you ask for more?

Sweets or Savoury?

food, Chicken, and yummy image Temporarily removed salad, healthy, and delicious image food and foodie image
I have nothing against sweet food, but savoury just got me.

Tattoos or piercings?

tattoo, girl, and mountains image Temporarily removed
I think tattoos are more expressive. Just art on your skin.

Sunrise or Sunset?

aesthetic, plants, and sunset image nature and mountains image
I really love this amber colour 😍

Fruits or Veggies?

cauliflower, raw, and rolls image Temporarily removed

Early bird or Night owl?

Temporarily removed Image by Lorrayn Something
I wish I could be an early bird, but I'm just more productive at night.

Hope you liked it!! xoxo