Have you ever thought about the value of perfection in our life?
I’ve always considered myself as a perfectionist, I've always thought that I must do everything as perfect as it can be although I’ve recently realized it’s not the same as “I’ll do it as better as I can” or “I’ll work as harder as possible”. It is not the same.

I used to think that perfectionism is a good thing, but now I see it actually drives you into frames. You want to make something perfect and in the end you’re just never satisfied with your work cause... what is really perfect? What does it really mean?

I believe, practice helps to get your work better and I believe there is no meaning in “it is the last great result which can ever be”. It can be good for now but later you can do it better just because you’ve got more skills, see?
There is nothing bad in trying to make something perfect, I do think so, but until it doesn’t have pressure on you as I it had on me.

To choose right pics for profile style, to think what I should post now and later, which drawing I like and which one is bad just because I see some mistakes there. There always will be mistakes, it is good if you have a self-criticism but, guys, no pressure!
Why sky should be only blue, why stars should be gold?

I was never a fan of modern art although there is something in it that makes me come back to Tate Modern and other similar galleries again and again. And what is it? It’s their courage, ability to do something that is not perfect but still... beautiful.
There shouldn’t be a division between high and low art, as Andrew Scott said once, and now I see what it means. There is just art. A perfect one or not. It is still art. Your piece of work. So just create and do not afraid to make mistakes.